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2019.11.30 Release

A cappella cover of a famous song sung by Hiromi Go.

1. Careless whisper
2. Casablanca
3. Hollywood scandal
4. My Lady
5. Apple murder case
6. I can't say
7.240 million eyes
8.Goodbye Day
9. Gold Finger '99
10. Natalie
11. Monroe Walk
12. The empty page of love

Artist Profile

  • the XAVYELLS

    A cappella group Xaviers from Kobe formed in 2011. The group name was created with the desire to spread the appeal of a cappella and the charm of good old music to a large number of people, and to send YELL to those who listen. .. With a focus on 50'-60 'oldies, a repertoire covering a wide range of group sounds, Showa Kayo, jazz, etc., and a lively interwoven lively talk with the members' individuality. It is an entertainment show that can be enjoyed for generations with music, dance, and choreography that also incorporates contemporary arrangements while preserving the scent of that era. At the acoustic live house "CASH BOX" in Sannomiya, Kobe, which is also called the "Sacred place of a cappella," we hold regular live shows every Wednesday, not only in the Kansai region but also in the Kanto, Chubu, and Chushikoku regions. He has also appeared at corporate parties, art appreciation parties, and various other events. After several member changes, he has been active as a current member since April 2020.

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