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-When you are about to drown, when you are about to disappear, the person who remembers is the person who is important to you. It's a song to confirm that.
-The unique world view and the citrus voice that becomes a habit complement the music. With Kohei Ishii as the arranger, this work, which will be released for the first time in 2022, has a more "floating feeling" than ever before.

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  • Novaurelia

    Novaurelia is a solo project by singer-songwriter Mizuhashi Yaka. A coined word that combines Nova (space) + aurelia (sea moon). He is active in various forms such as playing and talking and forming a band. Love, dreams, past, future, it's like a jellyfish. A self-proclaimed floating artist who sings the floating feeling of the heart. Sweet and painful, sometimes bitter. He also has the face of a multi-creator who designs / produces artwork and goods, shoots videos, edits videos, provides music, and designs and produces as a space accessory writer. After working on vocals, guitar vocals, and various band activities, he started working as a singer-songwriter. Successful live performances at SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE and Yokohama Arena, and a one-man live performance at the Enoshima Aquarium to co-star with "Kaitsuki", which is derived from the artist's name. The songs are being distributed all over the world.

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