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Tap Out


Girl it’s just a lot now, a lot now

I just need a time out, a time out

No more energy to fight now to fight now

I might need to tap out, tap out

Yeah yeah

Yeah I'm falling for you

Just being honest, never

Said that I loved you

I’d rather spend my free time with friends

I’m tired of you, saying you didn't do nothing wrong

Girl just listen to you

I'm done

We gotta clear up our lil’, lil’ situation

Don't sweep, it under the rug

What happened to love?

I’m just saying, you can do whatever you want girl

As long you just say it, but

Girl it’s just a lot now, a lot now

I just need a time out, a time out

No more energy to fight now to fight now

I might need to tap out, tap out

Girl tell me what you want

Girl tell me what you need

I could take you round the world

Show you things you never seen

We would never have an issue

If you gave me space to breathe, on god

Like why you always care when I been last week?

But girl I know you know where I come from

On a basis yeah I know that's why we work

We been riffing off eachother

We been hopping on each others waves

And it damn near feel like surfing

I'm being real, tell me of I'm crystal clear

Yeah she saying that she messing with my music

She lowkey a fan, and she know we look good on cam

Like I said, tell me what you want

Tell me what you need, give me space to breathe

That's all I really need girl

I don't wanna leave your company

You’re sumn to me

But first things first let me tell you sumn

(Just listen bae)

Girl it’s just a lot now, a lot now

I just need a time out, a time out

No more energy to fight now to fight now

I might need to tap out, tap out

  • Lyricist

    Kaikun, Nonchan

  • Composer

    Kaikun, Nonchan

  • Producer


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Threw Me for A Loop by Kaikun presents his sound in the most natural and refreshing way. The first four songs of the album lead with an upbeat energy which Kaikun was derived with his inspiration from San Diego and Boston. A laid-back feeling for the listeners to chill out to. Tracks such as" Threw Me for A Loop" and "Spilled Milk" were made in San Diego. Transitioning into the middle of the album Kaikun has many tracks which his listeners can relate to over lost love and the tides which each and every one of our lives are pulled to. Tracks such as "Bed Head" and "Sparkles" were some of the tracks which his listeners were able to connect with over the past year. "Colorblind" and "Beautiful" are the song which close off the album. These two consist of a stripped-down bat so listeners can really hear and digest each aspect of the track. This clean feeling allows Kaikun's lyrics and singing shine though the mix for listeners to enjoy.

Each track on this album is produced by Kaikun's longtime friend and co-worker Nonchan. Each song was crafted from scratch to best present their sound. The two have worked together since 2018 making tracks and polishing their style.

Artist Profile

  • Kaikun

    Born in Boston Massachusetts in 2003, Kaikun spent his developing years in America before moving to Japan as a young teen. Spending primary developing years as a teenager in Japan he has grown a liking to music being influenced by both American and Japanese pop. As a bilingual artist, he incorporates both English and Japanese in his music, a vital component of his songwriting skills that separates him from the rest of the music scene in Japan. For three years he has been releasing various albums with over one hundred songs on SoundCloud alongside his close friend Nonchan. In 2021, his talent was discovered by a studio recording group based in Tokyo. Since then he has been able to consistently make professional-quality songs at a rapid pace due to his ability to freestyle melodies over beats. The focal point of his style is the unorthodox top lines he creates for his songs. Currently, he has over 50 of his best songs to date waiting to be released. He also has been writing songs for Major Labels in Japan. Being able to both rap and sing, his career is promising as his diversity shines through the Japanese musical artist scene in 2022.

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