Mall Tape (feat. SEEDA)

  1. Higher
  2. fuck it up
  3. mallin'
  4. Cool running (feat. SEEDA)

Tohji, one of a member of "Mall Boyz" released his EP "9.97" this year and has chosen in some official playlists, attracts not only inside of the hiphop scene but also other genres worldwide.
gummyboy, has released his first official EP "Ultimate Nerd Gang" this winter.

They are based on Tokyo, and has been publishing songs on SoundCloud. And this time, "Mall Tape" is about their roots shopping mall, which depicts about the only original landscapes they share, with the ones came from different places who don't have their original hood.

Smoothing flow that you hum while you're driving, lyrics that are based on their roots and environment they were surrounded by, these elements accelerate people's images fused with dazzling yet heavy track.

Rural scenery that are spread around outside of Tokyo area, Artworks and Music videos done by themselves at Semi-outdoor hangouts they settle in, and they finally started off their career with their one and only musics.

Mall Boyz

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Born in London, raised in Tokyo and Yokohama, Tohji is an artist whose unconventional style of hard-hitting highs and mellow lows is being enthusiastically soaked up by the youth of Tokyo. At the end of 2018, under the collective pseudonym "Mall Boyz", Tohji released the EP "MALL TAPE" out to the world. Tracks from this EP were picked up by official playlists of various streaming platforms. On top of that, his 2019 single "Rodeo" sat at the top of the charts across all genres on Soundcloud Japan. Following the success of this single, he rallied an audience of 550 eager fans for a showcase at Shibuya WWW called "Platina Ade". Platina Ade ended up being the best selling showcase the venue had ever put on. Moreover, Tohji continued this success with the appearance for ULTRA KOREA in June.

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