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Kambyu Mami, the next-generation diva born in Wakayama, releases her 1st mini album "Patch"!
In addition to red which she wrote and composed herself, and the popular song ``ain't nobody,'' the album includes a total of seven songs, including unreleased songs.
This album is produced by SANABAGUN. / Ryozo Band's bassist and notable sound creator Ryozo Obayashi, and is composed mainly of dance tunes and chill R&B that make use of Kambyu Mami's singing voice and flow. There is.
Guest producers include famous producers such as grooveman Spot and CERSIOR COUPE.
There are also songs limited to the album such as "a part of me" and "days", and it is a powerful album that allows you to fully enjoy Kambyu Mami's worldview.

Kambyu Mami
Born in Wakayama Prefecture. She is a talented singer with roots in R&B/POPS.
She grew up listening to her father, who was a band member, play guitar and sing from an early age, and began her musical career in her teens.
After moving to Tokyo, she appeared on TV programs nationwide as a singer after being scouted, and later made her professional debut. During the coronavirus pandemic, he has a history of broadcasting live online 250 days a year.
Reminiscent of 00's Japanese songstresses, yet with a husky and powerful sound that lends itself to modern club sounds.
Her strong singing voice and sophisticated flow are her hallmarks.
She delivers messages that encourage women living in modern times.


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Artist Profile

  • Kambyu Mami

    Kambyu Mami 和歌山県出身。R&B / POPS をルーツとした実力派シンガー。 幼少期からバンドマンであった父親のギターと歌を聴いて育ち、10 代より音楽活動を始める。 上京後、スカウトをきっかけにシンガーとして全国区のテレビ番組に出演し、後にプロデビューを果たす。コロナ禍では年間250 日のオンラインでの配信ライブを行った経歴を持 つ。 00’ s の日本の歌姫を彷彿とさせながらも、現代のクラブサウンドに乗せるハスキーで力 強い歌声と洗練されたフローが特徴。 現代を生きる女性の背中を押すようなメッセージを届ける。

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