unknown error (feat. Takahiro Kido & Yuki Murata)

  1. unknown error (feat. Takahiro Kido & Yuki Murata)

This is a new single from Anoice, a cinematic instrumental music ensemble. This song is a masterpiece of instrumental post-rock with neoclassical a strings section and distortion guitar sound.


Anoice is a Tokyo based cinematic instrumental music group formed by multi instrumentalists; Takahiro Kido, Yuki Murata, Utaka Fujiwara, and Tadashi Yoshikawa. Their debut album 'Remmings' was released on Important Records, Boston in 2006. Their talent was also admired by internationally famous musicians Ryuichi Sakamoto, MONO, Nobuo Uematsu, Christian Fennesz, and Takeshi Kobayashi. Anoice then released their highly-praised third album, 'The Black Rain' worldwide in 2012 via their own music label, Ricco Label, and also Important Records in US and Flowers Blossom In The Space in Russia. This album was selected as one of the top albums of the year by many music review websites. The Russian hip-hop artist, MiyaGi used one of the album's tracks, 'ripple', as the the backing track for his song. The music video has been played 26 million times on YouTube. In 2015, Anoice released the 4th album 'into the shadows' recorded in not only Tokyo but also London, Paris, Warsaw, and Moscow. One of the album tracks 'old lighthouse' became the #1 trending track on Spotify as Japanese artists, and 'invasion' was used as the credit roll tune of 'Girl Lost', a US movie which was the #1 trending movie on Amazon Prime Video. Two years later, Anoice released a compilation album 'selected works' featuring their ambient tracks on 1631 Recordings and started to distribute it via Universal Music, and then went to European and Asian tours. In 2019, Anoice released singles three weeks in a row in May, and then released the 5th album 'Ghost in the Clocks' in August. Anoice expressed the world that follows 'The Black Rain' on this album made from lovely melodies and magnificent orchestral sounds. In addition, Anoice recorded some tunes with 30-piece orchestra in Moscow and has plans for releasing them and some concerts in Asia, Europe and US. The members of Anoice are also involved in various side projects such as; RiLF (an alternative-rock band formed by the members of Anoice and Calu, who is the vocalist of Matryoshka), Films (a dark classical music unit, featuring members of Anoice and two international female vocalists who sing in their native languages), Mizu Amane (Films' side project featuring Japanese language), Mokyow (an instrumental rock band formed by Takahiro Kido and Tadashi Yoshikawa, and keyboardist Kenichi Kai) and Cru (a neo-classical music unit formed by Takahiro Kido and Yuki Murata), as well as other secret projects. Takahiro Kido and Yuki Murata also write and release work as solo artists. Collectively, Anoice and the side projects have released nineteen albums, seven EPs, six singles, two soundtrack albums, and two compilation albums via some music labels such as Ricco Label, Important Records, 1631 Recordings, PLOP, noble label, and Shochiku Records. Those tracks have often been played on BBC in UK and National Geographic in US. In addition, Anoice and their members have taken charge of composing music for many commercial adverts such as Armani, Louis Vuitton, Google, YAMAHA, TOYOTA, ASICS, TOTO, TORAY, ANA, TOSHIBA, and etc. Also, they created the soundtracks of some movies such as 'Tusikiji Wonderland' directed by Naotaro Endo of Shuchiku Films and 'Olivier Zahm: Digital Provocateur' directed by Can Evgin and some TV programs produced by NHK and WOWOW. Some film works awarded at Venice Film Festival, Prix Italia, National Arts Festival in japan, and Cool Japan Matching Award, Japan Movie Critics Award, and also, Takahiro Kido and Yuki Murata who are the music composers of Anoice, received the Best Original Score Prize at Sapporo International Short Film Festival. Anoice also joined restoration assistance following the Great East Japan Earthquake and Hurricane Sandy, and have contributed to the cause via various charity albums. In addition, the pianist of Anoice, Yuki Murata has been awarded top prizes in various piano competitions such as the PTNA Piano Competition and International Piano Duo Competition.

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