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KEN THE 390 10枚目となるオリジナルアルバム”Unbirthday”
そんな統一したトーンの中で、BACHLOGICプロデュース、Hayabusaがミックスを手がけた”Won’t Stop”。その卓越したラップスキルが話題のACE COOL、MOMENT JOON を客演に迎え、それぞれのスタイルを誇示する”Nobody Else”。DJ KOMORIプロデュースによる、新進気鋭のR&Bシンガー Ymajikとの”Secret”。
そのほかにも参加ミュージシャンとして熊井吾郎がドラムパートを担当した”You Like That”、竹内友康をギターに迎えた”Black Hole”など、意欲的な楽曲が並んでいる。

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  • KEN THE 390

    Rapper, president of music label "DREAM BOY". After achieving success in freestyle battles, he made his debut in 2006 with the album "Prologue". He has released 11 original albums to date. He also appeared as a judge on the MC battle program "Freestyle Dungeon" broadcast on TV Asahi. His precise comments attracted a lot of attention. In recent years, he has appeared on TV programs and various commercials, presided over festivals, provided songs to various artists, directed music for stage productions, and produced boyband, expanding the scope of his activities around rap/hip hop.

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