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Includes a live performance of RESPECT 2 BLUES MEN held at Ogikubo club Doctor, which was a trial performance on July 10, when the emergency declaration was lifted in the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Members are Keach Kato (ex.SALLY), and his respected Toshikatsu Uchiumi (ex. Carol), Tatsumi Nagasu (ex. Ryudo Uzaki/Yoshio Harada Sucking Rouge), Shinya Yamazaki (b) and Nobuo Kawaguchi (dr) supports the bottom.
Although it has not yet been released from the anxiety and tension of Covid-19, it seems that the band and the audience are delighted at the live after a long time. All 16 songs including Virgin Blue (SALLY Self Cover), Louisiana (Carol Self Cover) and Yokohama Honky Tonk Blues will be distributed to two albums.

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RESPECT 2 BLUES MEN 2020 Live at club Doctor Vol.1

iTunes Store • Blues TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 2 • 29 Aug 2020

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    The way of life and existence is exactly blues. Toshikatsu Uchiumi who made his debut as a carol in the early days of Japanese rock, and Tatsumi Nagasu, who started from the end of GS and performed spectacular activities with Ryudo Uzaki, Yoshio Harada, and other famous rock musicians at the front, one generation below Keach Kato (ex.SALLY), Shinya Yamazaki, and Nobuo Kawaguchi put their greatest respect on their "Bluesman" and develop a hot play!

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