1. Room404
  2. I Won't Take That Shit
  3. Pride (feat. week dudus)
  4. Callin' (feat. Tio)
  5. ALL AROUND ME (feat. Gokou Kuyt)
  6. Flower

It's been five months since their last album, Daydreaming. Despite its debut, it reached #8 on Apple Music's R&B/Soul chart and has released several singles and is currently on numerous Spotify playlists XY GENE's new EP, Room 404, has been getting a lot of attention. The songs are even more varied than their previous work, reflecting their desire to move on to the next stage This album has shown great growth even in a short period of five months.
Gokou Kuyt, Week dudus, Tio, Daijo Kaisei and different from the previous album. It's a lineup of faces, but this album is also a remarkable one. They're young artists and you can see the expansion of the Generation Z scene.


XY GENE Born in 2001, Yokohama city. As a child he was amazed my Michael Jackson's "Thriller", by 7 years old he was able to perfectly mimic every move just by watching a performance DVD on his own. In addition, he was recognized by Kento Mori, a legend dancer who was once fought over by Madonna and Michael Jackson, and XY GENE performed at many show cases including a memorial production for Michael Jackson. He also entered a famous Korean agency when he was 12 where he when through intense training. After he came back to Japan, aside from dancing he started gaining interest in track making, rapping, and singing and chased the dream of performing and is now growing as an artist everyday. Released his 1st album "Daydreaming" in February, 2020. Although it was his debut album he successfully ranked in number 8 on the Apple Music R&B/soul chart showing he is an artist that is expected to grow in the future.

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