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The second single "Namikaze Tateo", which delivers new songs for three consecutive months. It is a hip-hop number that ironically describes the unreasonableness and absurdity that I felt. The sound was produced by BERABOW, and the jacket artwork was appropriately handled by a senior who was good at drawing, which he met at a part-time job. Latest profile A rapper from Akita prefecture. Started activities in 2005. In 2016, the 1st ALBUM "Bouquet" was released. In 2017, produced the official support song for "Blaublitz Akita". In 2018, the 2nd ALBUM "Signal Fire" was released. Appeared in "Oga Namahage Rock Festival vol.9". Inaugurated as PR ambassador for Gojome Town Tourism Products. In 2019, the 3rd ALBUM "A flash" will be released. In 2020, became the main MC of the music information program "Midnight R" (produced by Akita Television). Currently, he is energetically working in his hometown of Akita.

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    A rapper from Akita prefecture. In 2005 he started working. He will release a total of five EPs and albums by 2022. In recent years, he has expanded his range of activities centered on rap/HipHop, such as TV and radio personality, annual hall one-man live, hosting events, lectures at schools, etc.

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