1. Polaris*

"Polaris" means "Polar star", which is a land mark star located in the center of the North sky and help travelers finding the right direction to the place where they want to go, even in the dark since long time ago. We are all travelers in our lives so we need our own Polaris in our hearts to keep on walking on our journey. This concept is the starting point of Emmy's music.

Emmy Polaris

Nationality: Tokyo, JAPAN DOB: 17/04/1989 I started writing my songs after my father's death when I was 16. I felt that music gives us power to live strong. Then I decided to be a singer to express my messages. My dream is to be like the lodestar, Polaris which leads people to the place where they want to go. In October 2017, I came to New Zealand and explore this country. I hope I can be the Japanese ambassador to the world.

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Emmy Polaris