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A full album full of "selfishness" is now complete!
Breathtaking views and earth-shaking frenzy. Unforgettable experiences will surely become your eternal treasures.
Let us take you on a musical journey through your memories.

Vocalists who have attracted attention beyond the doujin scene, such as nayuta, Tsukino, Yuki Yumeno, yuiko, Yuri, Marumoko, and Kimayu Tsubotori, have all gathered here.
This will surely be an enjoyable experience for those who have enjoyed Pancake Cats' previous works, as well as for many more.

In addition to songs that make full use of the charm of each vocalist, the album contains a total of 10 songs, including three instrumental songs that further expand the album's world view.

Pancake Cats is committed to live sound recording by unique players.
In addition to Nao Shiina (E.Gt), Mahio (Ba), and Junk (Dr), who is active in live performances by VTubers such as Niji-sanji, Ryuya Yoshikawa (Ba), who participated in the recording of the "Pretty Cure" ED theme, and Funki Kobayashi (E.Gt) also participate.
The vivid playing of these individualistic players is evident in every corner of the music, and the sound has evolved to be even more lighthearted, grandiose, and "selfish" than the previous album.

The new illustration by illustrator and cartoonist Yatsubo further enhances the album's worldview. The illustrations also include designs of effectors that the band members are particular about.

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Apple Music • Anime Top Albums • Korea, Republic of • TOP 98 • 5 Mar 2024

Everlasting Memories

iTunes Store • Anime TOP SONGS • Hong Kong • TOP 4 • 3 Dec 2023

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  • PancakeCats

    「パンケーキよりおいしく、ネコよりかわいい!」をモットーとして掲げる音楽制作ユニット。主宰の映像作家・作詞作曲家のギンクル、音楽クリエイターの青田圭、しょてん、ブロブ、小説家のレファルからなる。2022年4月にリリースした1stフルアルバム『#甘酸っぱくなきゃキスじゃないっ』収録楽曲『#ファインダー越しの夢のセカイ』がNintendo Switchソフト『スーパー野田ゲーWORLD』に起用されるなど、様々なシーンで注目を集める、いま最も話題のユニット。2022年10月には、待望の1stEP『ノンストップエモーション!』をリリースする。 ギンクル Twitter: 青田圭 Twitter: しょてん Twitter: ブロブ Twitter: レファル Twitter:

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