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  • Clap Stomp Swingin'

    Clap Stomp Swingin' Here we come with the honky tonk swing... First comical swing band from Osaka, Japan brings you an entertainment show! In 2010, with our slogan"there ain't no swing if you ain't happy"The band was Created in a little pub in Osaka. In 2016, who played the keyboard let the group. We met at the same pub again and decided to move on from TRIO to QUARTET Our sound and style from the 30's, We will bring you on a time travel! Where ever we have offers, we will play at Festivals, concert halls Pubs overseas and more...more... Played at the famous FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL as a supporting member From 2014 we started playing at the Casiono Folley show that goes around Japan 2012 released our first album [Clap Stomp Swingin'] 2013 released 2nd album fullswing 2015 released our 3rd album, which was a tribute to a musically comedy "swing mama" From 2015 October to 2016 March, released singles, a tribute to Nat King Cole "I saw Her Kissing Nat Cole 2016 We welcomed a new piano player and a clarinet And released our latest album "Swing Arcade" 2017 May, performed some jazz club and Times square in New York city for the first time And released 5th minimum album "Swing Side""Sing Side" and 7inch original Single LP We played for swing dancers event Taipei Lindy Exchange,Osaka Lindy Exchange,Swing Jack,Jeju Swing Camp,Bubble PoP Swing,Soul at Seoul,Diva 2Va,Vietnam Lindy Exchange Lets swing on lonely nights Lets swing on happy days NO SWING NO LIFE Let us take you on a time travel to the golden ages of the swing era!

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