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Two songs inserted in the movie "To Mother Earth : Messages from the Universe "

MIKI's 5th album
MIKI celebrates her 10th anniversary as a crystal bowl player in 2019.
This is the third album in the series of collaboration between nature sounds and crystal bowls after 3 years.

It was first released on September 23, 2019.
This is a special album including two insert songs from MIKI's first documentary film "To the Earth of Love - What the Universe Wants to Tell Us Now.

It is a collaboration of the sound of crystal bowls, a musical instrument made of crystal, and the sounds of nature, such as the murmuring of a river in Yakushima. The combination of the high vibrations of the crystal bowl, which is now attracting attention, and the clear sound of the water of Yakushima makes this CD even more effective in healing. In addition to the healing effect, the frequency of the sound was said to "make you face yourself and bring about great awareness. The crystal bowl recording was done in a large hall with a capacity of 2,000 people, so the original sound of the crystal bowl, including overtones, was recorded.

The MIKI crystal bowl CD is a magical CD that will put you into a deep sleep just by lying down and listening to it, healing and conditioning your mind and body. It is also suitable for meditation, yoga, background music in relaxation salons, and space purification.

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Heal your mind and body CRYSTAL BOWL meets Yakushima Island

iTunes Store • New Age TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 4 • 5 Feb 2022 Apple Music • New Age Top Albums • Viet Nam • TOP 96 • 11 Mar 2023 Apple Music • New Age Top Albums • Japan • TOP 187 • 30 Dec 2023

Mysterious murmuring

iTunes Store • New Age TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 5 • 10 Jan 2023

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