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The vegetable song 4 contains five songs including Miyazaki's representative dried radish and Kagoshima's specialty sweet potatoes.This is a song that incorporates the experiences that I have gained by traveling all over the country.
For weddings, there's a lot of repertoire, including renkon no Uta, cherry Christmas for those who are lonely, dried radish when they want to get excited, and sweet potato songs for those who like ontou!
It contains the most enjoyable songs.

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  • TakujimArisaka

    It became extremely popular with 640,000 followers at Itina, an online distribution app, and appeared in commercials nationwide on the app, and songs about habitual melodies and vegetables are popular with listeners. It has been introduced to Toyo Keizai Online and elementary and middle school vocational books, and is expanding its activities outside the app. There are 228 original songs. They visit daycare centers and children's halls all over the country to encourage children who don't like vegetables to enjoy eating them.

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