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lil!, which started in January 2023 with undisclosed members, has released their second EP, "PARADISE."

The band, known for its unique sound that effortlessly blends pop, rock, melodic hardcore, comical elements, and loud music, has created songs that, despite their grandiose nature, somehow resonate directly with the ears.
This band has a one-of-a-kind sound that cannot be replicated by anyone else.

Artist Profile

  • lil!

    lil! ( read as: "Riri" ) A band, whose members remain unidentified, started in January 2023. With roots in various genres like rock, melodic hardcore, Vocaloid, loud, and trance music, they've launched their activities this year armed with a diverse range of music. Despite unpredictable developments, their uniquely tricky sound naturally captures the ears.

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