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This is the fifth installment of the "re:born" project, in which Beatmaker will create new music using Rui Fujishiro's piano soundtracks released up to now! 
This time, Rui Fujishiro has been releasing his music on various labels such as "Force Energy Records", "LoFi Force", "Vinyl Digital" in Germany, "Chill Select" in UK, "Lo-fi Clouds" in France, "Inner Ocean Records" in Canada, etc. He has been releasing his music on various labels in Japan and overseas.
The company has been releasing on various labels in Japan and abroad.
KOHEI YOSHII" is a beatmaker who has been selected for "lo-fi beats", a large playlist on Spotify with 4.76 million followers. 
Rui Fujishiro's "Home" released in March 2020 will be newly released as "re: Home". 
KOHEI YOSHII"'s detailed Lo-Fi beat that gives a dreamy and soft impression, and "Rui Fujishiro's" delicate piano sampling are in perfect harmony with each other. The result is a comfortable lo-fi instrumental piece that gives you a sense of security.

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re: Home

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