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Former Tsubaki Factory member Yumeno Kishimoto will begin her singing career on April 1, 2024, her 24th birthday, with her first solo song since graduation, "BLUEMOON BLUES.
This is an original song provided by "Natsunokoe," a singer-songwriter active mainly in Nagoya, and it depicts the feelings of a woman who has unfinished feelings about the past but is searching for new hope in the repetition of her past, through the symbolic motif of BLUEMOON.
Yumeno Kishimoto drafted the original idea for both the poem and the song, and completed the project.

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iTunes Store • Rock TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 8 • 1 Apr 2024 iTunes Store • Rock TOP SONGS • Netherlands • TOP 10 • 14 Apr 2024 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 63 • 1 Apr 2024

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