※ 試聴は反映までに時間がかかる場合があります。
※ 著作権管理団体が管理する楽曲は試聴できません。

That heat. Think about the value of a person based on body temperature. Underground city. I can hear the sound of the motor. Skyscrapers were built in rapid succession. Infection spread. Everything is missing. All people are harmful. It's like experiencing a pseudo self-distract. Side effects. You will not be able to accept the love of others. Good intentions will be a lie. Everything changes and every vision reacts. There will be fewer people. Population decline will become more serious with the times. All the balance is lost. The temperature of the earth rises. Sea levels rise and human lands are taken away due to their own negligence. No child is born with will. We need to think about what is important. Take your time and squint. When all the visions are clear, the scenery changes.