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Yoshizawa×Yoshizawa's long-awaited fourth mini album, "Yoshizawa -4-" after a three-year hiatus, is set to be released!
Similar to their previous albums, this new release also offers a diverse range of genres and atmospheric vibes unique to Yoshizawa×Yoshizawa.
The lead track, "Clap, Clap, Clap!!!," incorporates samba rhythms and it has been crafted into an enjoyable song. It makes you want to move!Furthermore, the third track, "Catharsis," surpasses the 10-minute mark and incorporates elements of classical music
, post-rock, and prog-rock.
It draws the listeners into the world of the song and evokes various imaginations within us.

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iTunes Store • Jazz TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 14 • 30 Sep 2023

Artist Profile

  • Yoshizawa×Yoshizawa

    Yoshizawa×Yoshizawa is a two-person insturmental music band composed of good friends' brother and sister. Yoshizawa is their last name. Yutaro, the brother, a drummer, and Saki, the sister, is a pianist. Yutaro has loved and played rock music since he was a child. Saki has learned classic music. Their created music is the unity of their different music background, and it extends to the various music styles such as Jazz, Latin, fusion etc. Their performance perfectly in sync is unique to the band of brother and sister. It's one of the most attractive points. They were nominated as one of the finalists of SAPPORO CITY JAZZ PERK JAZZ CONTEST 2017 and 2018,2019. Their energetic music and performance will make you happy and cheer you up!

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