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[LOVE&PEACE Jya ne No ka YO] _______________________________________ Dear Mr. LOVE&PEACE... "What do you want from US? " Do you like LOVE & PEACE? Faked LOVE&PEACE? " April 13, 2020: Today, the virus has killed many people around the world. Even if so many people die, You still do not think about love, give, forgive? Faked LOVE & PEACE? "Country, company, and myself is not love&Peace yet?" "But when we were pure children, you taught us LOVE & PEACE, soul, the origin of love? " "You taught us ...what a true hero is?" "How much death do you want? What do you want from us? If you forgive, I will never forgive. Now is the time to "Save Life", "Why you are Saving Money???". Now, with love, in front of a fake hero, I'll tell the truth. " " Do you like LOVE & PEACE?" Sincerely, Love&Peace

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    YASUMACS CALIFORNIA -Thank you- NFT [4/2022-] 1000000unique user [05/2021 -6/2021] 600000 unique user [03/2021 -5/2021] 500000 unique user [01/2021 -2/2021] 200000 unique user [12/2020 -1/2021] -Virus Slayers- Now on sale? California Movie, theatre Director Sector-10-mobile division SQUAREENIX Dragon speller White-Dragon-Wizard division-Apprentice I'm now here following what I see Where to go I don't know Looking for something invisible What will I grab? Ahead of the journey While I understand In a dreaming world The visible illusion slip away Too many things I could not see Without knowing the reasons for believing future and time At the start point I wonder something again Invited by something Repeat tomorrow again While losing something important If there is no reason to continue flying Repeat tomorrow again While losing something important Japanese Maxim Listen carefully = Temporary shame. Don't listen carefully = Life's shame. 1.Listen to get freedom. 2.Listen to win. 3.Listen to love, give, forgive. If you listen, you will get freedom. If you didn't listen, You will be loser in your life, forever. Really? 50% ...maybe right. However, We are not so cheap. The most important thing is... whether you felt happy or not right now. Just follow my voice and Enjoy your life!

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