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Time is just a little near future. After that annoying virus is over, the city regains its vitality and plunges into a flirty, LOVE LOVE world.

Dancing, falling in love and sunny
A fun world.

There are many things, but I have to dance.
There are many things, but I have to dance.

Soften your head, body and mind
please listen

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  • TATEDUKA2000

    TATEDUKA2000 Profile TATEDUKA2000 is a Japanese singer, musician and DJ. He create music based on dance music with rock, funk, hip-hop, and pop. His songs are very catchy with melodies and lyrics. Recently, TATEDUKA2000 has been perform as a member of the band TEE TEE TEA BIOGRPHY TATEDUKA2000 has been perform as a band member at live-show venue all over Japan since the 1980s. His main venue was Shinjuku LOFT, which is very famous venue in Tokyo. He also working as a manager of live venues in Shibuya and Shinjuku, radio DJ, and managing a bar. After that he started his own business in 2019. TATEDUKA2000 has been perform as a singer, musician and band member TEE TEE TEA, and also involved in music event planning, production, casting, songwriting and more in his hometown Toyama-city and Tokyo. Past Co-Stars: GACKT, SEAMO, Ami Suzuki, Wakadanna (Shonan-no-kaze), Maximum the Hormone, D-51, misono, SNAIL RAMP, Yakkun Sakurazuka, Mark Panther, ROTTENGRAFFTY, Neurotica, Lolita No. 18, TOTALFAT, 175R, BRAHMAN, Torihada Minoru, Diggy Mo (sold'out), Gaki Ranger, etc.

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