The Best of Ariring

  1. Around 30th Lolita in Harajuku
  2. Apple Pie Killer
  3. mob character syndrome
  4. I won't pollinate for the rest of my life.
  5. Mr.Android Panda
  6. Tetra
  7. sky blue time
  8. no make up in dress
  9. BANDMAN to tsukiaitakunai
  10. Give idol fans one chance
  11. kuso replier
  12. zettai zahyo
  13. 1201
  14. Parallel Prison
  15. Byebye byebye
  16. Strawberry War in 15years old

Album"Around 30th Lolita in Harajuku" has already been sold.
This time I re-recorded, remastered, and rearranged it.
I added the painful "Parallel Prison" killer tune "Supinand dress" of the new work written down. This is a mast cd!

Emi Arisaka


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