1. Prologue of Biotope
  2. Song Thrush
  3. Profusion of flowers of every kind
  4. Kodama
  5. Beside you
  6. Zen
  7. Hana
  8. Jacaranda
  9. Blue star's story
  10. HEAT
  11. My sweet home
  12. Epilogue of Biotope

All works with Violin in it.
In addition, recordings were made by 20 musicians including cellos, saxophones, grand pianos, guitars, drums, and bass as well as Japanese instruments such as shamisen and shakuhachi.
A work created after spending 2 years.

We expressed the biological habitat called Biotope, with a focus on creating sounds unique to Japan.

Eisuke Takashima

Violinist,Composer. Member of the instrumental group "style-3!".

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