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Apple Music • New in Hip-Hop • 7 Apr 2023 Spotify • The Pulse of J-Rap • 8 Apr 2023 Spotify • +81 Connect: J-Hip Hopの「今」と「その先」 • 5 Apr 2023 Spotify • Monday Spin • 10 Apr 2023

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  • qwert

    qwert qwert is a 20 year old bilingual rapper duo consisting of ksr:3 (Kisari) from Europe and Ryo from Detroit. qwert was founded in 2020 as a Tokyo-based 2MC duo by then-DJ ksr:3 (Kisari) and rapper Ryo (Ryo). The duo is a self-produced independent artist, with ksr:3 producing and engineering, and Ryo making tracks and lyrics together. The song "pluvia feat. 2yu" from their first album "replica" released in 2021, attracted a lot of attention on SNS, and "spoor" released in the same year won the CHILL OUT Award in the CCA 2022 music category sponsored by CHILL OUT and Tune Core Japan, Since the beginning of his career, he has garnered attention both in Japan and abroad. The single "korai" released in April of this year was featured on Spotify's official playlists such as "+81 connect" and "Monday spin". qwert, who has been actively working with overseas artists and crossing borders, will continue to bring a new world view through his music. Translated with (free version)

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