She's Gone

  1. She's Gone

The Lo-Fi Hip Hop, played by the multinational music group Unwork, can be heard while relaxing in a car or room Preceding delivery song second from 1st full album


"Unwork" is an artist project formed through the Internet. The members consist of Westerners, Asians. An alternative music collective of a new era in which young artists with a strong ability gathered. Member profile and visuals are not revealed, In the group name, the meaning "all playing" will be a "work" in the future is put in it. R & B / Lo-Fi Hip Hop / Electric Music / Chill out / etc. sublimated various genres, Taking advantage of the experiences of interior store clerks, cafe staff, and designers, Proposing music decorating the room = interior music.

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Zola Bryon

Unwork Label