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Aisho Nakajima's new single "Made Him Cry" is an R&B, bedroom pop track about a past toxic relationship.

It couldn't be any more different than "Gangbang," a sexually charged, liberating pop track, which was released in February 2024.
A delicate ballad, "Made Him Cry" showcases Nakajima's versatility through his vocals and sentimental lyrics, making it the perfect song to reminisce on heart break.

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Made him cry

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Made him cry

iTunes Store • R&B/Soul TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 84 • 23 Apr 2024

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Made him cry

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  • Aisho Nakajima

    Rising Japanese pop artist Aisho Nakajima (aka Aisho) was born in Japan. He moved to Sydney, Australia and spent his teenage years and moved back to Tokyo, Japan and started to work on music. Praised by a variety of cultural and fashion media including the kinds of VOGUE Japan, GQ Japan, Cosmopolitan Japan, NYLON Japan, i-D Japan and many more, the singer-songwriter shares his moody vibes through his raw, silky, soulful energy that will appeal to your emotions.

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