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Transistor Lover

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Transistor Lover

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  • Milk Talk

    Milk Talk consists of Hair Kid, a New Jersey-born multi-instrumentalist now living in Himeji, Japan, and Q.i, a Tokyo-based vocalist and visual artist. Their music is a unique, cassette-tinged blend of synth-driven disco and understated, intimate J-pop vocal melodies. Recorded only days after they first met in New York City, the pair's first collaboration "Plastic New York" found a home with the iconic Japanese netlabel, Maltine Records in 2016. Since re-emerging as Milk Talk in 2020, their bittersweet electro funk has been remixed by artists including Qrion, XL Middleton, and Pasocom Music Club. Although living some 600 km apart, the pair made their long-awaited live debut at Circus Tokyo in the summer of 2022, in support of the anthemic track "Playboy", released via Kitsuné Musique. Following a string of singles, including well received collaborations with Vantage and Moe Shop, Milk Talk will release their first full-length in November 2023, and is scheduled to embark upon a live tour of Japan in support of the album.

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  • XL Middleton

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Inaka Disco