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2nd single "Lil Bit Better" by singer-songwriter and beat maker "Satoru Nakagaki"

The world repeats like sweet cheesecake after bittersweet coffee.
No matter what happens, just laugh it off and be the one who loves yourself.

A pop number with such a message.

In February of this year, the 1st single "Still I Fight" was released and received a lot of attention on various SNS.
This work, which is the second song, includes Tohoshinki and Takuya Kimura.
Acting as a backup for many artists,
In recent years, the production has been realized through a tie-up with the apparel brand Lil Bit Better produced by CHALI, a dancer and choreographer representing Japan who has choreographed for Da-ice, Dream Ami, and E-girls.
Satoru Nakagaki wrote the lyrics and composed the song, and arranged the music in collaboration with DACKY, who is also an artist and dancer.

It is an emotional song that combines a trendy sound creation and a dance-pop arrangement that makes you feel the ephemeralness of brightness, and an R&B vocal style that is also your roots.

A must-listen to the message that gently pushes your back in the recent society that tends to be negative as you struggle through your busy daily life.

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Lil Bit Better

iTunes Store • R&B/Soul TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 3 • 28 Sep 2022

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Lil Bit Better

Spotify • ASTRO Radio • 3 Oct 2022

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Satoru Nakagaki