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This song is collaboration with guitarist paniyolo and sound/visual project akisai.
Paniyolo's calm guitar melodies harmonize with akisai's electronic sound and mellow flute, it lead us pale soundscapes.
It is like casual summer days, and memories that floats inside us and disappears.
Artwork is made by koichi nakaie, enhances musical images.

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memories of summer

iTunes Store • New Age TOP SONGS • Taiwan, Province of China • TOP 1 • 4 Aug 2020 iTunes Store • New Age TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 4 • 18 Aug 2020 Apple Music • New Age Top Songs • Peru • TOP 69 • 12 Feb 2021 iTunes Store • All Categories TOP SONGS • Taiwan, Province of China • TOP 88 • 4 Aug 2020

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memories of summer

Spotify • Midnight Chill • 15 Jan 2021

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  • akisai

    Sound / Visual project by Yo Suzuki and Koichi Nakaie. Since its formation, this project has been used as a place for free creative activities, and works have been released irregularly while pursuing experimental expressions. Musicality incorporating various auditory elements such as electronica, ambient, acoustic,Delicate and diverse visual images that shake imagination, by combining these two sensibilities, construct a form of expression. Among them, continues to transmit unique world view from various aspects such as spatial direction, provision of music and video, participation in the project. In recent years, while exploring the possibilities of each field while expanding the scope of individual activities, returns to a style that gradually changes. While continuing to create works, will pursue new attempts to share our senses with artists, spaces, and media related to various fields that are not bound by fixed concepts.

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  • paniyolo

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