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"I still want to sew your wound again and again decades ago and live with you, but I wish I hadn't met you. If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't have had such a hard time. Please erase everything."

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  • hiyori omiya

    Living in Nagasaki Prefecture. The song "Friend MK" I made when I was 16 years old is ranked on the music app eggs. He has a unique view of the world, and demonstrates a quality that can't be thought of as a high school student in how to take pictures, compose, and write lyrics. The lyrics are mass-produced with a student's unique sensibility, and the lyrics that have been written since junior high school students are already more than 500 songs. In the live performance in Nagasaki Prefecture, fans are so crowded from far away. A T-layer singer-songwriter who spells out the thoughts of real junior high and high school students with a unique worldview.

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