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The theme of this song is Albert Connor's own blood type. The greatest appeal of this song is the lyrics that express his style of thinking and his upbringing, which are expressed in the unique atmosphere of blood type AB, set to an intense phonk house tempo. You can see how his life was unstable shortly after birth, his family problems, and his current lifestyle and play style. He has also publicly stated that he will release an album in July 2024, and this release can be seen as a lead-up to that. We can't take our eyes off this man who will continue to attract attention.

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Type AB

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Type AB

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  • Albert Connor

    1998: Born in Minato city Tokyo . His blood type is AB, and he was active mainly in SoundCloud until 2020, but changed his name in January 2021 and suddenly appeared on the mainstream."In June, she released her first album ""+14 fortune life""."The music video of JET VIBES recorded more than 200,000 views on YouTube and jumped into the saturated scene.In June 2022, he released EP "oni", and his new sense of music, such as making sounds that are rarely seen in Japan, lyricism, and directing a different world view for each song, is drawing more attention.At the Hanamizuki remix released on August 31, 2023, his creative ideas, catchy melody design, and lyric that drew sympathy were highly praised by each media.He is a young man who is expected to run in the Heian period.

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