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Denen Symphony

  1. Denen Symphony

A song created as an official theme song of a tourist train "Denen Symphony" of a railroad company, Kumagawa Railroad Co., located in Hitoyoshi city, Kumamoto Prefecture. Among the lyrics are depictions of the running figure of the train "Denen Symphony" and the name of the station where it stops, and the charm of the "Denen Symphony" running in Hitoyoshi and Tuma, a historical area that was also certified as a cultural heritage It has become a packed song!

Music video was taken using real vehicles and station premises under full cooperation of Kumagawa Railway. The scene which the station worker's work and singing with Cassandra are also recorded, it was finished in a very warm image. Please enjoy MV with music as well!

Denen Symphony Music Video


Casandra A Japanese artist Anime song The game song is sung. Former opera singer

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