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Good & Old Days

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This album includes the original songs that Milt composed in the past. Usually, Milt uses the effect pedals to deliver songs in his own Milt style. That sound creates Milt World.

He arranged the songs in a different fashion than his usual style, rather simple and gentle. Hope you enjoy the clear sound of ocarina with his power of expression.

Artist Profile

  • Milt

    One of the leading Japanese ocarina players. He not only plays the ocarina, but also teaches how to play ocarinas, writes contents about music and ocarinas, etc., as "Ocarina Specialist" . His expertise is extremely wide ranged; Milt has created and developed a new concept of "Progressive Easy Listening Music" using the effect pedals and his unique playing techniques while Milt has maximized the innate beauty of ocarina sound, in a variety of fields such as POPs, Jazz, Brazilian music, etc. His playing techniques and ability to read, understand and express what is implied in music notes in his own way has been highly valued, expecially in overseas countries. He has been referred to as "one of the most talented ocarina players in Asia" . In 2014, he made a guest appearance on "Princess Mononoke" Concert by Orchestra Valse, with Yoshikazu Mera, highly-respected Japanese opera singer of "Song of Princess Mononoke" . In 2015, Milt was invited to International Ocarina Festival in US as first Japanese ocarina player, to be the last performer of the day. In 2018, Milt also appeared as only young Japanese ocarina player on Korea International Ocarina Festival, with Sojiro, the greatest authority on ocarina, and Mikako Honya, extremely skilled ocarina player. His performance was well-received by the audience. He participated in other international ocarina festivals every year and his performance has been highly reputed in the world ocarina community. He invented the world-first mute equipment for ocarina, capable of controlling breath pressure, called Mr.Mute ®. The base concept of the invention has been patented in Japan, US, Korea and Taiwan, and has been applied for patent in China, Hong Kong, and EU.

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