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Hey, you Hypocrites stepped back.
We drop the "Pink Bomb" above you on July xx, 2022
Our name is kotowari
Dear Fxxkers, get up now !!

kotowari 5th single

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  • kotowari

    The rock band "kotowari" is a hard rock band characterized by the deep sound of twin guitars and passionate melodies. Their music captures the hearts of those who listen to it with its unique charm that mixes power and emotion. Their playing combines overwhelming technique and musicality, creating a powerful performance. In addition, their lyrics are deeply inspirational to listeners, as they describe contemporary struggles and passions. Kotowari's music is supported by bursts of guitar riffs and a driving rhythm section, and this energy is on full display in their live performances. When you step onto their stage, you can feel a sense of unity with the enthusiastic audience and immerse yourself in a fast-paced world of music.

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