Cruise for Queen's Square YOKOHAMA 2019 Christmas Tree (Original Show Soundtrack)

  1. Prelude (feat. Ryoki Yamaguchi)
  2. Cruise (feat. Ryoki Yamaguchi & Aya Tomoda)

In 2018, the composer and music producer KOTARO SAITO hit no.1 on the Spotify viral 50 Japan, and has become a regular on playlists since. He boasts over 120,000 monthly listeners when combining listeners domestically and abroad. At the Shibuya Music Scramble, using his diverse music talent, and got many passers by on the streets of Shibuya to stop and listen. His work released in November, Cruise, is also the theme song for the 2019 Christmas tree at the Minato Mirai seasonal feature, Queen's Square YOKOHAMA. The Christmas tree here, which is black and gold in color and based on a music theme, is glistening with romantic decorations and accented with pipe organs and brass instruments. This latest work, which goes hand-in-hand with this world perspective, gives listeners an uplifting sense of departure that you would get on a night cruise. It is a song overflowing with light and love, that lightly makes the body the move and gives you a sense of awe. The pipe organ, named "Lucy" and a symbol of the Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall, is played by Ryoki Yamaguchi, a key part of KOTARO SAITO. Violinist Aya Tomoda generates a cheerful string instrument section. Combined with the tone of the pipe organ of Yamaguchi, they create a powerful groove in the music. With the song's jazzy feel, it has a memorable melody that people of all ages want to hum along to. Why not get into it together with your family, lover, or friends?

Kotaro Saito

Composer & Music Producer. Spent 3 years in India during his teens. Learned to play piano and composing by himself. Graduated Keio University. Worked at HAKUHODO Inc. for 5 years. Started his own business: Has been producing music for TV commercials, audios for audiovisuals. "Love Song" has been a hit on Spotify, as well as being used for the theme song for an evening aquarium dolphin show "LIGHTIA" at one of the leading aquariums in Japan, Hakkeijima Seaparadice. We look forward to his upcoming new releases.

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