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"I LOOKED UP, THERE WAS A MOON", is the first album to come out of Yayoi Tsushima's new performance and recording unit, FERRET NOISE.
Yayoi is an experienced, first-class rocker, well-known in Japan and many venues around the U.S., Europe, and Asia, for her tremendous bass-playing and live-show charisma, as well as her as abundant gifts as a composer.
In the debut album of Ferret Noise, Yayoi impresses on all fronts. She's not only written the music and lyrics to seven intriguing songs, she's laid down the bass, keyboard, and vocal tracks, and when and where desired, drawn on the aid of excellent collaborators (Maiko Takagi on electronic drums, Nathan Calhoun on guitar, and Soichiro Nakamura at the mixing console).
The album stands out for its personal authenticity and relevance, as an honest expression of a real artist's inner world interfacing with ours; as well as for its musical dexterity, deftly handling and merging a variety of themes and complex musical strands and effects to create a coherent, and in all ways interesting ride.

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    Ferret Noise is good. Ferret Noise will f**k you up. Ferret Noise 4 life. FERRET NOISE is a solo music performance/recording unit from Japan, featuring rock bassist Yayoi Tsushima. With high-order roots in Japan's rock/art world, Ferret Noise aims to create its own distinct sound and spirit, and to establish its own formidable presence in the music scene. ​ ​Solo Artist: Yayoi Tsushima (Bass, Vocals, Keyboard, and more) Art Collaborator : Frances Washburn ​

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