1. PLAY!!

"play!!" is Senosister's 3rd single of triple digital release.
This is the real killer tune that the taste is pop and rock,
so you will be able to see how the audience will get excited.
This is expected song that reaches the new area of Senosister's sound field.
You can enjoy listening, dancing and singing with hot guitar sounds.
Please have a good time.


"Senosister" is a twin vocal idol group from Fukui. Members are Mao (Original member) and Yu-tan (Since 2014). "Ami-gas" based on "AL PLAZA AMI", the shopping mall located at Sakai city Fukui is the origin of Senosister and the members of Senosister is also the members of Ami-gas. The characteristics of Senosister are the powerful sound and the massive performance. Its sound has an Euro-pop taste like 80s' Japanese idol song movement. And its stage performance is highly emotional and shocking to get involved the audience. Senosister gains fame from all over Japan and it gets many offers from events and music festivals. The newest release is "THIS IS 80s REMIX!!", it is a remix album with 80's sound flavor.

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