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KEPHA is a member of the Tokyo-based hip-hop crew kiLLa.
This song is the first single in 2023.

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    - KEPHA from kiLLa - Born and raised in Tokyo, KEPHA belongs to the Shibuya-based group kiLLa. The group, which had been creating a buzz with its energetic live performances not only in Japan but also in France, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and other countries, suddenly went on hiatus in 2018. Since then, she has been active as a solo artist. He has established a style with his silky voice and free-flowing vocals with a Tokyo-inspired sound, and all of the single songs he has delivered have charted in many countries around the world in both audio and video. In 2023, KEPHA resumed their activities with the group kiLLa after a five-year absence, creating a buzz, but this year, 2024, KEPHA announced that they would be moving their base of operations from Tokyo. The details of the move have not been disclosed, so what will happen in the future? We will keep our eyes on the future developments.

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