1. The Haunter
  2. In Vengeance
  3. The Man in the Road
  4. Golgotha
  5. Red Eye (Pt.6)
  6. Thin Ice
  7. Shadow
  8. Rise to Fall
  9. Chain of Wrath
  10. Hippocampus
  11. Mountains of Madness
  12. 瀉血
  13. Silent Prayer


Greenmachine named themselves after the Kyuss song "Green Machine," the second track on Blues for the Red Sun.In 1995 they released their debut album, D.A.M.N., onMan's Ruin Records. They followed with The Earth Beater two years later, also on Man's Ruin. They disbanded in 1999 but resurfaced in 2003 with a new bass player and released The Archives of Rotten Blues on Diwphalanx Records. Diwphalanx also reissued the two Man's Ruin albums with bonus tracks in 2003. They played The Wizard's Convention in 2005 and are featured on the DVD along with fellow Japanese artists Boris, Church of Misery and Eternal Elysium. The band disbanded again in 2007 after the Wizard's Convention show, with their latest DVD release, This is the End, documenting their final show. The band has since done multiple reunion shows. The first was in 2010 The second was in 2013. The line up for that show was MONZAWA on guitar/vocal, HASEGAWA on bass and DATSU on drums. after the 2013 reunion show, the band reunite again,The line up was MONZAWA on guitar/vocal, YOSHIKAWA on bass and DATSU on drums.


Daymare recordings