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The communication of body temperature may be the greatest expression of love. When close relatives or lovers hold their hands tightly, a feeling of uneasiness will disappear and a sense of trust will be inspired. Still having a little long way to the destination, the bus speeds up for the place of peace. In this song Takuya Tosa sings about parent-child love. The song has opened a brand new door for him.

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  • Takuya Tosa

    Takuya Tosa is a gifted Japanese singer/songwriter. Tosa has been energetically performing concerts, live shows and musical events around the country. Moreover he has also provided music for the stage and been a radio personality, among other wide-ranging activities. Tosa's one-of-a-kind voice always intoxicates people of all ages and both men and women, and his live performances are highly acclaimed. Tosa has his own vocal philosophy. Singing against the degree of emotions, Tosa expresses dynamism with delicacy while he describes exclamation with silence.

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