"J-POP after singularity"
On September 6th 2019 world's end girlfriend will release "RENDERING THE SOUL" as a digital only single, made using vocaloid.
What kind of music will Artificial Intelligence enjoy after singularity? It must be music that humans cannot understand nor even process. If there is music that human can understand or enjoy, it must be the music that AI imitates and plays as a "cosplay of emotion". AI enjoys the imperfection and irrationality of human beings, and the loneliness, suffering and sorrows that the humans have. This single is produced with that concept in mind.

world's end girlfriend

Our music is not to escape reality, but to survive reality. Our music is not only celebrates beauty, but also for you to discover new beauty in the mud. Our music is not only for sadness, but to hold out a hand. We Present Resistance & The Blessing Through Our Music Works. The founder of Virgin Babylon Records.

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