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On March 20, 2024, the music label "Jutsu-no-ana" will celebrate its 20th anniversary and "SASAKRECT Inc." its 5th anniversary.

The "Don't Look Back", an anthemic microphone relay song, was created by the unique talents of the artists who belonged to the label, and it is a song with a different dimension and out-of-this-world heat!

The participating artist is 4s4ki, whose alternative activities are attracting worldwide attention, RhymeTube, whose produced songs have been streamed over 500 million times, and OHTORA, a singer-songwriter who is gaining more and more listeners mainly in Asia, and is also gaining attention in terms of production, as well as up-and-coming rapper Hanagata, who joined SASAKRECT Inc. in 2024.

The track is a co-written track by "maeshima soshi" and "RhymeTube", both of whom are highly supported by Generation Z. They have been actively collaborating not only with major artists in Japan but also with overseas artists.

The lyrics and flow are impressive and impressive no matter where they are taken, and the song is completed as a song that transcends the boundaries of genres and concepts, fully demonstrating the strengths of all the participants!

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Don't Look Back

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