you are the light - flowing energy side -

  1. Open
  2. Green Mountains
  3. My Sweet
  4. My Friend
  5. Tears of the Moon
  6. The Scent of Winter
  7. Flow
  8. Talk to the Stars
  9. I Want to Tell You
  10. Sizen Song

"you are the light"is the second album by the COINN,released on 2013.It is a double album,a disc is for passion.the another one is for tranquilness.the COINN was influenced by human energy from northeast of Japan after Tohoku earthquake.
The album artwork features drawing by Shinji Okada from atelier Element Present where is private art studio for people with Down syndrome .


COINN is a Japanese indie rock band based in Tokyo.The band has been performing music for children since 2009.Koryo Saito invited his friends Kohsey Oda,Banri Shiraiwa and Toshihiro Ohno(OROROTORIHIRO) to the band in 2008.also the members has kept solo project for each. They has released three album of children's music as "Hello! Hello! Hello!(2011)","you are the light(2013)" and "Wonders!(2019)" by the SAITOCNO label.

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