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This new summer-themed new single by AMANE TRiLL is a nostalgic mixture of the American West Coast soft rock sounds of the early 80s and Japanese city pop sounds, sublimated with a catchy hummable melody.

AMANE TRiLL has once again invited T-GROOVE, who made a splash with his sound production on their second single "CANDY BLUE," to create a rhythm section with a lighthearted sound but with a strong core.

They are set to release their 3rd Album "SUSTAiN" (CD) on this summer (2022) after 2 years.
This work is the first advanced streaming single from their new album.

Words & Composed by AMANE TRiLL
Arranged by Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi, SWING-O & AMANE TRiLL

Vocal, Backing Vocal, A. Guitar & E. Guitar : Masahiro
E. Guitar & Backing Vocal : Yujin
Keyboards : SWING-O
E. Bass : Aguri Hayashi
Drums : George Kano

Mixed & Mastered by Yuki "T-Groove" Takahashi

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Spotify • Monday Spin • 30 May 2022

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