Lil Romance

  1. White Lines
  2. Spinnin'
  3. Club Affairs
  4. eclipse (feat. A.Y.A & takevnap)
  5. B-Day

In her first single named EP, A.Y.A shows off her range, singing high and low while playing sexy, flirty, playful and righteous-sometimes in the course of the same song.

From draggy, flirty open-track "White Lines" to humorously over-sexualized end track "B-Day", the tone of this record settled in sweet, sensual and fun vibes. "Club Affairs" can be a perfect track for getting ready to go out on your weekends or the midnight drives in city highway. This ear pleasure record will give you a feels of seeking livery life of city girl through binoculars.

She beyond the boundaries of Electro/ Hip-Hop/R&B so smoothly, "Lil Romance" enclosures all refreshing mood that we missing from music nowadays.


A.Y.A is a singer-songwriter well known for solid hybrid sounds. She moves genuinely between hip-hop/R&B/electro beat with philosophical, curious, and yet self-assured expression. From smoky-vintage singing to quirky and playful talk-rapping, she attracts audiences with her expressive vocal style and broadness. Her single "gravity" released in 2018 was selected by the Spotify US's official playlist "Friday Cratediggers", curated by MAD DECENT. Also she got featured on DJ CHARI's song "eclipse", a hip-hop influenced dance-pop tune. At the end of 2019, she released EP "Lil Romance", including viral hits such as "Club Affairs" and "White Lines", being highly streamed by listeners from Japan, Taiwan, Australia. Taking advantage of her deep knowledge of a wide range of music, she hosts a 24h urban music radio "WREP". A.Y.A is one of the leading young talents who breathe in fresh air to the music scene.

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