Lil Romance

  1. White Lines
  2. Spinnin'
  3. Club Affairs
  4. eclipse (feat. A.Y.A & takevnap)
  5. B-Day

In her first single named EP, A.Y.A shows off her range, singing high and low while playing sexy, flirty, playful and righteous-sometimes in the course of the same song.

From draggy, flirty open-track "White Lines" to humorously over-sexualized end track "B-Day", the tone of this record settled in sweet, sensual and fun vibes. "Club Affairs" can be a perfect track for getting ready to go out on your weekends or the midnight drives in city highway. This ear pleasure record will give you a feels of seeking livery life of city girl through binoculars.

She beyond the boundaries of Electro/ Hip-Hop/R&B so smoothly, "Lil Romance" enclosures all refreshing mood that we missing from music nowadays.