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I met singer Sarkoo five years ago. When she was still a student, she played in a brass band and sang songs. From then on, her uniquely clear voice washed my mind. About once a year, I have the opportunity to perform a song I composed, accompanied by her singing and instruments, or a beautifully harmonious a cappella with her friends in the mid night, which is occasionally posted on her Instagram. While listening to the duet, I found myself waiting for her next post.

Luckily, the song "A fog of calm" that I released last year charted in the Apple iTunes Store's New Age Music category at 6th. I decided to ask Sarkoo to sing my new song, and immediately sent a message to her.

Continuing from "A fog of calm", this song "eternal lands" was written during the yearly composition trip with the theme of "'peace' and 'kindness' surrounded by nature."

It's time for us to break away from this era in which we were caught only by the tangible and neglected the intangible. If we regain the importance of ambiguity and do not respect the liberal arts, then there will be no meaning for human beings to live as human beings.

Sarkoo was the right person to sing "eternal lands", which seeks strength in gentleness. I would like as many people as possible to listen to this song, which was completed after receiving a message from her that she readily agreed to such a request.

Hiroki Takayanagi


*Part of the proceeds from this single will support the lives of children who lost their parents during the Great East Japan Earthquake until they reach adulthood through a charity concert that I held with ocarina player Mineaki Hotta from 2011 to the end of the year. It will be donated for the "Hatachi Fund" that is active.