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A support song for yourself that makes you feel soft and positive.

This new song, which has been about two years since the self-cover album of the previous work, will be distributed ahead of the album currently being produced.

This is a work produced in collaboration with Soichi Ueda, who has been greeted as a support musician for many years on live tours, etc., together with Hiroyuki Kubota, Katsuyuki Toyofuku, hanna who have been interacting for a long time, Sax of Ryo Konishi (CRCK / LCKS), With the addition of flutes, the work was finished to give a new sense of urban adult scent.

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Apple Music • IYASHI TRACKS • 2 Oct 2020 Spotify • Women's Voice • 15 Jul 2020

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  • eri takenaka

    Singer-songwriter Multi-artist who also self-produces artwork design, photography and video The gentle singing voice and expressiveness that gently envelops people's emotions. 2002 indie debut. Won first place in two consecutive works on the TOWER RECORDS indie chart. In 2004, he made a major debut with "Autumn Sunny Monaural" from Columbia. "Goodbye Goodbye", which was co-written with Kobukuro's Kentaro Kobuchi, has been charting in the USEN general chart for 6 months and won the 1st place. While energetically performing live activities in Japan and overseas such as nationwide tours, appearances at ap bank fes, and performances in Shanghai, the performance that makes you feel the appearance of a 70's solo artist was highly evaluated, and it was the first Japanese female artist to perform "GIBSON". Selected as an image artist for "PRESENTS ACOUSTIC MUSICIAN AWARD". She started providing music for V6 "Me and our tomorrow" (lyrics and composition), and while having a face as a writer such as being in charge of CM music in Kanazawa, she is also in charge of numerous programs as a radio personality and listening rate. Won 8 crowns. She also worked as a photographer and held her photo exhibitions at Tokyo Ginza RICHO Photo Gallery RING CUBE, Osaka and Kanazawa. Her activity was suspended after her childbirth, but she resumed her activity in 2017. In 2020, she will release three songs "Always", "Motivation" and "Find" in advance from her album, personality of CROSS FM "DHC lifestyle council", and "Good night channel" on the audio distribution app Actively active, such as opening. Her expressiveness and atmosphere unique to a singer, and her transparent and unique voice performance Not only her singing, but also the characters and narration on the radio that speaks gently She is steadily increasing her fans in terms of "reading aloud". A new album will be released in 2021.

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