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no scars


Seasons changing but these wounds dont fade

Petals fall but i still feel the same

Feels like its been so long

But it hasnt tho

Even so

Could call you on the phone

Wait a minute though

Maybe no

You're so busy

Till you want something

From me

I'm your waste of time

But im in your head


Taste of caramel

From places ive never been


Wish it had been that sweet

I never knew

Your heart

Got ur head in

The stars

Act like u had

No part

Wishing i had

No scars

Look at me

Talk to me like we planned

Told me you love me

Whyd i look so sad

Wish that we had been

What we coulve been

Shouldve been

Guess you werent the one

Now i gotta run

We're done

Damage to my brain

Youre acting like im insane

I was just in pain

Yeah i was hurting the whole time

Hold my hand

All these people we see

When i was by your side

Wish you had looked at me

You never showed

Your heart

Looking down at

The stars

Rip and tear me


Why do you have

No scars

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    NUU$HI, echo

no scars Front Cover

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