O.M.D. Rules Front Cover


Furious Disaster

One Moment Disaster

Do you have any last words to say?

Even in the hopeless abyss, I continues to march forward

Anger and hate make me shine

The light that shines in the darkness tears apart and destroys everything

The only hope you feel is despair

The light you feel is darkness and will eventually be extinguished

So kill yourself,before you shiver that feeling I have


Shoot a gun in the head


Stab the heart with a knife

Fuck off and die

Don’t run away you must feel my pain

There’s nowhere to run

Don’t disturb you must feel this fear

This is not a game

Did you this was the end?

Nothing has started yet

You don’t understand anything motherfucker, this nightmare will last until the end of the world

This doom is never end

I am a shining disaster

Nefarious way

Tragic end

Your fate is in my hands

  • Lyricist

    One Moment Disaster

  • Composer

    One Moment Disaster

O.M.D. Rules Front Cover

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